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Under-Eye Filler

Under-Eye Filler Olney, MD

Do you feel like you always have dark circles under your eyes? It doesn’t matter if you get four hours of sleep or twelve – nothing seems to make them go away or cover them up.

Over-the-counter products leave you with buyer’s remorse, because they just never show results. If you’re ready to ditch the concealer and love your selfies again, take a look at what dermal fillers for under-eye circles can do for you!

Why Choose Under-Eye Dermal Filler for Dark Circles?

The reason you have under-eye circles is likely due to the symptoms of aging skin. As we grow older, our bodies stop producing the amount of collagen we need to keep our skin full, refreshed, and bright.

This means the hollows of your facial structure in places like under your eyes and your temples might start to show through your skin. 

The best non-invasive option to actually get rid of these dark circles are dermal fillers.

They often use hyaluronic acid (HA), which is something your body produces naturally, in order to boost your collagen production in the treated area. The result is smoother, brighter, and rejuvenated skin. Finally, no more dark circles!

Can Under-Eye Filler Be Used on All Skin Types / Skin Tones?

Dermal filler is safe for all skin types and skin tone and is well-tolerated by most people.

It’s important to find a provider that knows how to work with darker skin tones, because people with dark skin are more susceptible to scarring.

What Do Filler Injections Feel Like Under Eyes?

Under-eye filler is actually a form of dermal filler, and all dermal fillers are considered non-invasive. They are virtually pain-free, take just a few minutes, and require no downtime afterward. Many people have under-eye injections and go about most of their usual daily activities. 

You might experience a little redness, swelling, and tenderness at the injection sites. However, these side effects are easily managed on your own with over-the-counter pain relievers and ice-packs.

After your injections, you need to avoid excessive heat sources, alcohol, and strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours. Sweat can cause your injection sites to become infected, and heat may cause your filler to migrate from its intended location.

When Will I See Under-Eye Filler Results?

Right away! Immediately, the hollows under the eyes have volume, brightening and rejuvenating the area.

As the HA works to draw collagen and moisture back to the hollows under your eyes, you will see your skin becoming even brighter and more full over the course of a week. After that, you can throw that concealer in the trash!

How Long Does Dermal Filler Under Eyes Last?

You can expect to experience beautiful, refreshed looking eyes with under-eye filler for up to nine months. That’s almost an entire year! And actually, many people maintain results for much longer.  

Dermal filler is naturally absorbed by your body, so you need to return for more treatments. However, staying healthy and, especially, hydrated always aids in a more youthful appearance. 

How Many Times Can You Get Under-Eye Filler?

You can continue to refresh your filler as many times as you’d like. The best thing to do is get on a schedule with your provider, so you never miss an appointment to help maintain a youthful look to your eyes. 

Different brands of dermal fillers should never be mixed. Be sure to find a board-certified dermatologist to perform your injections, and always discuss your complete health history with your provider.

How Many Units / Injections of Filler Do I Need for Sensational Results Under My Eyes?

The amount of dermal filler you need depends on your individual skincare needs and goals. The average number of injections of under-eye filler most people need to achieve desirable results is around about one half to one full syringe for each eye circle.

Dermal fillers work wonders when partnered with other cosmetic treatments like Botox and thread lifts. So, talk to your injectionsit about combining treatments for even more remarkable results!

What Brands of Under-Eye Fillers Are Best?


Juvéderm is an HA-based brand that makes several versions of filler for specific areas of your face; for example, Juvéderm Volbella or Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC are best for under your eyes. It is enhanced with lidocaine to help prevent discomfort. Depending on the area treated, the results with Juvéderm last for up to a year.


Belotero also has various products for different parts of your face, and it’s results also last from six to 18 months. Belotero is most noted for smoothing moderate to severe laugh lines. This under-eye filler works best with people who have especially thin skin around their eyes.


The latest and most advanced filler collection is RHA. This new line of fillers offers the most advanced hyaluronic acid (HA) based injection available, because it provides the most natural-looking results.

RHA’s special gel formula is specifically made to treat deep lines, dark hollows, and wrinkles, while also working naturally with your facial expressions.


The main ingredient in Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). It’s a synthetic compound that helps the body produce more collagen.

It works best with under-eye circles and cheeks. It is not used for wrinkles around the eyes or on the lips. Results with Sculptra last up to two years.

How Much Is Under-Eye Filler?

Under-eye filler is priced by syringe and by brand. Juvéderm is anywhere between $500 and $800 a syringe, and Restylane is about $300 and $800 a syringe.

Keep in mind, filler is absorbed naturally by your body, and you need to return for another treatment in a few months. 

Prices always vary by geographic location and experience of the person performing the treatment. You can typically find specials on fillers from a great cosmetic injection specialist.

Am I a Good Candidate for Under-Eye Dermal Fillers?

If you’re tired of looking tired, ready to do something about your under-eye circles, and are over the age of 18, dermal fillers for dark eye circles are most likely a great treatment for you!

However, if you have dark circles under your eyes due to hyperpigmentation, dermal filler won’t work to get rid of them.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a treatment available for you! The only way to know if dermal fillers are the best way to treat your eye circles is by scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic injectionist.

Can I Get Under-Eye Filler Injections While Pregnant?

It’s best to wait after you’re pregnant and done breastfeeding before you have dermal fillers.

This is because your hormones fluctuate dramatically and cause variations in your blood flow, which can lead to dramatic swelling and lead your filler to leave its intended area. Also, there has been very little research on how dermal fillers affect an unborn baby.

There are many other ways to treat yourself while you’re pregnant, so contact your provider and ask them what you can do about dark circles under your eyes in the meantime.

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