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Best Lip Filler for Volume in Rockville, Maryland

Best Lip Filler for Volume in Rockville, Maryland: Which Brand Is Top?

It tends to shock people when they learn that there are different types of lip filler, all achieving different goals.

It was once believed that the famous Juvéderm was your only option for creating that perfectly plump pout with dermal fillers. Here’s all you need to know about the best lip filler for volume in Rockville, Maryland!

What Is Lip Filler in the First Place? How Does It Work?

Lip filler is a type of dermal filler that has been approved for use around the mouth. While most commonly used for adding volume, lip fillers can also be used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles in the area, as well as bring balance to the face to address symmetry concerns.

Typically, lip fillers rely on hyaluronic acid as their main ingredient to create that juicy, healthy pout. Hyaluronic acid, sor HA, is a naturally occurring substance that, unfortunately, decreases as we age. Thankfully, hyaluronic acid can be added back in with injectables like dermal fillers.

When injected into the skin, or mouth in this circumstance, the HA binds to your water molecules to add volume and hydration, crafting a fuller, juicier appearance.

Wait, There’s More Than One Brand of Lip Filler? What Are the Other Ones?

It can be both exciting and overwhelming to learn that there are actually many different types of lip filler. These are all hyaluronic acid-based, the preferred substance for dermal fillers. But, you can find collagen-based filler in rare circumstances.

The three most popular brands are Belotero, Juvéderm, and Restylane. Within those brands, you’ll find a variety of fillers approved for use in the lips, all of them achieving different results.

Within Belotero, there are options such as Belotero Balance, Belotero Basic, Belotero Intense, and Belotero Soft. Juvéderm offers its highly popular Volbella XC and Ultra XC. And, last but not least, Restylane’s Kysse and Silk lines.

Which Lip Fillers Works Best for Volume?

With so many options, you may find yourself spoiled with choice, unsure which one is most suitable for adding volume to the lips. This quick rundown will teach you which lip filler does what and how long those fabulous results can potentially last.

  • Belotero Balance: Belotero’s most commonly used filler, their Balance line addresses subtle to moderate lines and enhances lip fullness. Lasts up to six months.
  • Belotero Basic: Second most commonly used, their Basic line is similar to their Balance line, increasing fullness and addressing fine lines. Also lasts up to six months.
  • Belotero Intense: Intense is excellent for reducing those stubborn, severe, and deep lines as well as adding some volume. Lasts up to a year.
  • Belotero Soft: Best suited for optimal correction of smoker’s lines on the lips, Soft can also add a subtle plumping effect. Lasts up to one year.
  • Juvéderm Ultra XC: Ultra XC is Juvéderm’s classic dermal filler for adding volume to the lips. If you’re a lip injection newbie, your injector will likely start you off with this famous filler. Typically lasts up to a year.
  • Juvéderm Volbella XC: Volbella XC is superb at smoothing out perioral lines, also known as those unpleasant lipstick lines. Lasts as long as a year on average.
  • Restylane: Restylane is essentially your all-in-one injectable, suitable for both lip enhancement and treating lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Results for at least six months, typically longer.
  • Restylane Kysse: Kysse’s natural-looking volume creates the most kissable pout, offering exceptional fullness and flexible movement. Typically lasts at least a year.
  • Restylane Silk: If you’re wanting subtle lip augmentation, Silk is for you. It provides softer, more precise results and top-notch line reduction. Lasts around six months.

So, based on this information, Belotero Balance and Basic, Juvéderm Ultra XC, and Restylane Kysse are going to be your best bets for enhancing volume in the lips. Ultimately, you and your injector will determine a treatment plan with the correct fillers for you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Anything Else I Should Know About Receiving Lip Fillers?

First things first: you should expect swelling after lip injections, potentially plumping your pout more than you desire. Many patients tend to panic and think this is their final result. Thankfully it’s not, and the swelling goes down on its own within a few days to a couple of weeks to reveal your actual results.

Dermal fillers generally don’t require any downtime, which is part of what makes them so great. That being said, alongside swelling, you can expect some temporary bruising. Ice packs will be your biggest help for aftercare.

As an additional tip from the pros, it’s best if you leave the celebrity pictures at home. What looks good on someone else isn’t going to look the same on you.

If you don’t like your results, don’t worry! The effects of HA lip filler can also be reversed with the use of hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid. However, if you work with an expert injector to craft your ultimate lip filler plan, you should be very satisfied with the results and get it just right the first time!

Choose Estar MedSpa for the Best Lip Filler for Volume in Rockville, Maryland!

Estar MedSpa offers a large variety of dermal fillers and a skilled team to ensure that you get your dream results!

If you’re still not sure which is the best lip filler for volume in Rockville, Maryland for you, give us a call at 301-917-3870 to book your consultation!

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