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Does Xeomin Really Work as Good as Botox?

When it comes to injectable neurotoxins that can rejuvenate your skin, you have probably heard of Botox. But, you may not have heard of Xeomin yet.

This treatment is similar to Botox in a number of ways, however, there are a few key differences. Read on to get the answer to your question, “Does Xeomin really work as good as Botox?”

What Is the Difference Between Xeomin and Botox?

Xeomin and Botox are both formulated from versions of botulinum toxin. However, Xeomin is a more purified version.

Unlike Botox, Xeomin does not contain accessory proteins or any other additives. Xeomin is supposed to help avoid antibody resistance. 

Another big difference is that Xeomin does not need to be refrigerated like Botox. This is because it does not have as many storage restrictions. 

Does Xeomin Really Work as Good as Botox, or Is One Better?

Both Botox and Xeomin are considered to be effective in treating fine lines and wrinkles. According to some studies, Xeomin can provide results that appear sooner and last longer.

In general, the effects of these remarkable injections take about three days to appear and typically last between three and five months. 

Xeomin costs about $12 per unit, while Botox can range from $10 to $25 per unit. Neither of these treatments injectables is covered by insurance or Medicare for cosmetic use.

Need Help Deciding Which Is Best for You? Visit Estar MedSpa to See Our Anti-Aging Experts!

Now that you know the answer to your question, “Does Xeomin really work as good as Botox,” it is time to pick the right option for you.

No matter which you choose, Estar MedSpa & Innovative Health Center is here to save the day, rewinding the clock to reverse the aging process!

Our specialists are trained to provide a number of different neurotoxin injectables to provide you with revitalized skin.

Give us a call at 301-917-3870 to book your consultation and be on your way to better skin in no time!

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