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FAQ and Answers About the Best Weight Loss Shots Near Gaithersburg

If you are having difficulty battling the bulge, the best weight loss shots near Gaithersburg may be the ally you need. It’s semaglutide to the rescue!

How Does Semaglutide Work?

This prescription medication is a GLP-1 receptor agonist, which helps regulate appetite so you reduce your food intake. It enhances feelings of fullness, slows gastric emptying, and reduces calorie intake.

When you begin the best weight loss shots near Gaithersburg, it is likely you are going to be prescribed the lowest dose so your body has time to adjust. Increases should be carefully monitored and adjusted according to your needs.

The initial dosage of semaglutide for weight loss starts at 0.25 milligrams (mg) per week and can be adjusted up to 2.4 mg weekly based on how your body responds to treatment.

Are There Side Effects?

Patients have reported the following issues such as abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, vomiting, and / or diarrhea. These symptoms tend to dissipate as your body gets used to semaglutide.

How Soon Can I Expect Results?

Individual timelines vary. It can take one to four weeks for semaglutide to kick in, but it can take eight to 12 weeks to see physical changes, so be patient.

Do I Qualify for the Best Weight Loss Shots Near Gaithersburg?

It is easy to find out!

Schedule a consultation with a reputable provider to determine if you are eligible. You should work closely with them to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Weight Loss Wisdom Is Waiting for You!

At Estar MedSpa & Innovative Health Center, we offer a wide range of treatment options, including the most popular weight loss shots. We believe you deserve the best possible care, and that is what you can find with our team.

Call us at 301-917-3870, and let’s have a conversation about your goals. We are here to help you overcome obstacles and achieve amazing results!

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