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What Is a Fat Transfer, and Is It Safe?

What Is a Fat Transfer, and Is It Safe?

Genetics plays a significant role in where your body stores fat. But, it doesn’t have to define you going forward. With advanced procedures like fat transfer, you can redefine your shape and achieve the figure you’ve always wanted.

With minimal recovery and fewer risks than other options, a fat transfer could be the pathway to your dream physique. So, exactly what is a fat transfer, and is it safe to help me achieve my ideal physique?

What Is a Fat Transfer, and Is It Safe for Body Contouring?

A fat transfer is a remarkable procedure that removes fat from unwanted areas and then is used to enhance the body elsewhere. This technique offers patients multiple benefits simultaneously – you can reduce problem spots like the abdomen that are hard to spot treat even with diet and exercise, while increasing volume in others like your face or buttocks with a fat transfer.

Fat transfers are safer than other surgical alternatives for a couple of reasons. First, the substance being used to create volume originates in you, and therefore no foreign material is introduced into your body. Secondly, other methods don’t combine fat removal and volumizing procedures. So, the alternative to fat transfer would require multiple approaches to achieve the same results.

Is the Procedure Uncomfortable?

This is a common question among those interested in fat transfer surrounding the actual process. An anesthetic is applied locally to the area where fat isn’t desired and the target site. This technique provides fantastic results with minimal discomfort.

It’s Time to Realize Your Dream Body!

Here at Estar MedSpa, we strive to help each patient reach their goals and achieve long-lasting results. Instead of asking, “What is a fat transfer, and is it safe,” you should consider whether it’s time for you to act. Contact our amazing team at 301-917-3870, and we can discuss the possibilities of fat transfer and how it can change your life!

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