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Does Radiesse for Cheek Restoration Actually Work? 

Radiesse: A Sensational Skin Smoothing Injectable!

There are multiple ways to combat skin wrinkling that involve a lot of time, effort, money and surgical risk. However, dermal filler injections are an excellent affordable, time-saving, non-surgical anti-aging option!

Filler injections are a great way to achieve beautiful, smooth, and youthful looking skin without enduring painful, permanent and invasive surgeries, with Radiesse being one of the most sought after. It works wonders for wrinkles, especially on the cheeks. So, why choose Radiesse for cheek restoration?

How Effective is Radiesse for Cheek Restoration, and How Does it Work?

Radiesse is incredibly effective at smoothing out skin on the cheek area. The injection is made of a water-based gel containing calcium based microspheres. The effects of Radiesse injections are immediate and last significantly longer than other anti-aging fillers.

Great, So What Should I Know About This Remarkable Treatment?

Clients may experience smoother, more youthful looking skin for up to two years before needing another appointment. While some may feel a pinching sensation and pressure during the procedure, discomfort is generally minimal and can be offset using Lidocaine. 

Not only is Radiesse for cheek restoration a fantastic way to rejuvenate, but this popular injectable can also be used on the chin, lips, lip lines, and under eye area. Talk to your injector to see how Radiesse can help you achieve your goals for a more youthful appearance in other areas.

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Radiesse This Summer!

As the summer season gets closer and closer, now is the perfect time to achieve your goals for smooth, stunning skin with non-invasive, affordable anti-aging treatments from Estar MedSpa & Innovative Health Center. Our amazing team of experts is waiting to help you find the absolute best solution to tackle your specific concerns. Consultation appointments are free, so call us today at 301-917-3870 to book yours, and love the skin you’re in this summer.

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