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Laser Hair Removal for Black Skin in Silver Spring, Maryland

Your Quick Guide to Great Results

Laser hair removal for black skin in Silver Spring, Maryland has never been easier or faster than with the Vectus laser. This revolutionary treatment offers the fastest laser hair removal (LHR) system on the market utilizing the most advanced technology available. In as little as one 10-minute session, you’re on your way to ridding yourself of unwanted body hair.

How Does the Remarkable Vectus Laser Work on Black Skin?

The Vectus laser was the first laser to come with the trademarked Skintel Melanin Reader. This special reader measures the pigment of your skin, so that your LHR provider can set the laser for precisely your unique skin tone. The Vectus has shown to provide results far better than a shave or a wax, with less pain in less time than by using electrolysis.

What Does the Recovery Time Look Like, and Are There Any Side Effects?

Treatment can easily be worked into any schedule, as you can return to regular activities immediately following treatment. Your provider will send you off with post-laser instructions, such as avoiding sun or tanning beds for up to two weeks afterward.

Most people experience mild skin irritation similar to a sunburn sometimes accompanied by minor swelling. This usually subsides in less than 24 hours. Gone are the days when LHR caused painful burning and blistering on dark skin!

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Depending on the area being treated, treatments range from $150 for the lip or armpit to $500 for a full leg. The best part about the pricing is that Estar MedSpa offers a variety of services in a variety of monthly membership packages, as well as financing options to ensure you can become hair free without breaking the bank. 

For great pricing on laser hair removal for black skin in Silver Spring, Maryland, call us today at 301-917-3870 to book an appointment. We want to have you feeling sensational and looking your absolute best in your swimsuit this summer!

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