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What Are the Best Threads, PDO or NovaThreads?

What Are the Best Threads, PDO or NovaThreads?

The signs of aging creep up on you, and all of a sudden you notice things like sagging skin and wrinkles. You want to look younger, but you definitely don’t want surgery.

There’s great news! Thread lifts are here to take years off your appearance for a refreshed and radiant glow! But wait, what are the best threads, PDO or NovaThreads?

So, What’s the Scoop on Thread Lifts?

Thread lifts, also known as threads, are a cosmetic treatment that lifts your face in order to help you have a much younger and brighter appearance. Medical grade threads are put into certain areas of your face and carefully pulled tight. This makes your skin smooth and wrinkle free.

This treatment is low risk, and most people return to their regular activities as soon as it’s over. You don’t need to worry about scarring, because thread lifts are surgery free.

Are Threads the Same as a Facelift?

Not at all! Thread lifts are minimally invasive and are done in about 45 minutes without the need for general anesthesia or other risks of a facelift.

Your results from threads last anywhere from a remarkable one to three years. The threads used to pull your skin tight dissolve over time, and you need to return for touch-ups to maintain your results.

So, What Are the Best Threads, PDO or NovaThreads?

PDO threads, also known as polydioxanone threads, are a medical-grade thread that are used in surgical procedures like open-heart surgery and cosmetic treatments like thread lifts. They boost your collagen production, which means your results get better over time.

These threads have been tested and used much more than NovaThreads and are safe for almost everyone. So, for predictable results, choose PDO.

Estar MedSpa & Innovative Health Center Has Experts in Thread Lifts!

What are the best threads, PDO or NovaThreads? PDO! Let Estar MedSpa rewind the clock on your face with this incredible treatment. It’s fast, and the results are lasting!

To learn more about how thread lifts and our other cosmetic treatments can rejuvenate your appearance along with boosting your confidence, call us now at 301-917-3870 to request your consultation.

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