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Why You Need a BBL Expert in Silver Spring ASAP!

An increasingly popular procedure, you’ve undeniably heard of a Brazilian butt lift, or BBL. If you’re one of the many seeking a pert and plump backside, look no further.

Here’s what a BBL expert in Silver Spring wants you to know.

Why You Should Consider a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a two-in-one enhancement, allowing you to take fat away from an area where it’s undesired and relocate it to your butt.

This procedure is excellent for those who may not respond well to fillers or alternative sculpting methods and are seeking more permanent results.

Utilizing your own fat, a BBL minimizes the risk of infection or allergic reaction when compared to silicone implants.

Consider a safe and effective BBL if you are generally healthy, looking to repair the shape of your figure, want to feel comfortable in your body again, and you’re seeking a fuller, rounder backside.

Exciting Facts About BBLs

Research is key before you embark on any cosmetic journey. Here are a few more things to know about BBLs:

  • They contour the donor area, such as the waist, while providing fullness to the target area.
  • General anesthesia allows for a comfortable, pain-free procedure.
  • It helps to not only provide a fuller appearance but addresses shapelessness and sagging as well.
  • It’s natural looking, for an enhancement that doesn’t look comical or strange.
  • Results are long lasting, especially if you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Visit Estar MedSpa for a BBL Expert in Silver Spring Today!

For a board-certified BBL expert in Silver Spring, look to Estar MedSpa for high-quality care and technique! Don’t just trust our word, check out our glowing testimonials to see how many lives we’ve changed with our revolutionary service.

Schedule your consultation today by calling 301-917-3870 for a perfectly plump and shapely backside!

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