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Does Microneedling Really Work?

While you’ve probably heard celebrities, beauty experts, and skin-savvy friends rave about the benefits of microneedling, you may still have some reservations and wonder: Does microneedling really work?

Continue reading to learn all about microneedling efficacy, including three ways that patients can optimize their results.

Does Microneedling Really Work?

Before committing to Collagen Induction Therapy, most patients want to know: Does microneedling really work?

In the hands of a highly qualified and experienced specialist, microneedling is extremely effective and can produce amazing results.

However, patients who do not receive treatment from a knowledgeable medical professional are likely to experience lackluster effects, and in some cases, unwanted complications.

How to Optimize Your Microneedling Results

There are several ways that patients can make the most of microneedling outcomes.

1. Choose the Best Provider

To start, carefully research providers and insist on an accredited medical facility. This is important for several reasons.

Reason #1 – Specialists with a medical license are permitted to use longer needles that penetrate deeper into the dermis, which enhances collagen stimulation and treatment benefits.

Reason #2 – Your provider’s expertise, attention to detail, and ability to customize treatment play a critical role in determining results.

An experienced specialist is more likely to switch settings and technique multiple times within a single session to truly tailor treatment. While a less qualified provider may apply the same settings to each area of the face and from one treatment to the next.

2. Complete a Series of Sessions

In addition to selecting an excellent provider, make sure you complete a series of at least four microneedling session to maximize the effects of cumulative collagen growth.

3. Use Quality Skincare Products Post Treatment

Microneedling creates microchannels that improve product absorption and efficacy. However, patients cannot reap these benefits unless they are actually using quality serums and antioxidants following treatment.

As such, it’s important to seek a specialist who helps you develop a post-treatment skincare routine with high-quality products.

Schedule an Appointment for Microneedling Today!

If you are considering microneedling, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented providers.

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