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Goodbye Facelift: Thread Lift Specialist in Silver Spring, Maryland

Say Goodbye to Facelift Surgery With a Thread Lift Specialist in Silver Spring, Maryland!

At some point, we all notice signs of aging. Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin catch up with us.

Fortunately, an expert thread lift specialist in Silver Spring, Maryland will help!

Not Interested in Surgery? A Thread Lift Is the Way to Go! Here’s How It Works!

Minimally invasive and safe, a thread lift successfully lifts and tightens skin on the face and neck with the use of absorbable threads.

Your body’s own healing process from your thread lift stimulates the production of collagen which, as we all know, is needed for healthy firm skin.

What About Recovery? Does It Take Long?

While any limitations advised by your thread lift specialist in Silver Spring, Maryland occur 24 to 72 hours after your treatment, recovery after a thread lift takes around two weeks.

You should expect some temporary soreness and swelling, which can be easily managed at home.

You Won’t Have to Wait Long For Thread Lift Results

You’ll notice plumper skin and a reduction in wrinkles during your recovery period. As your body produces collagen over time, you’ll see your results continue to improve.

And, you can expect your amazing new look to last up to three years!

Do I Qualify for a Thread Lift?

Men and women have enjoyed the benefits of a thread lift. If you’re healthy and desire a more youthful appearance without the hassle of a surgical facelift, then you’re probably a great candidate.

It’s recommended you meet with your provider beforehand to determine if this is a good technique for you.

I’m Looking for the Best Thread Lift Specialist in Silver Spring, Maryland! Where Do I Find the Experts?

You’ll find the best possible care at Estar Medspa! Schedule your free consultation to discover how you’ll love the way you look after a thread lift.

Reach us for outstanding cosmetic treatments including thread lifts by calling 301-917-3870 today!

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