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Where Can I Get the Best Under-Arm Liposuction in the DMV?

You eat a well-balanced diet, you work out regularly, and you’re happy with your body except in one place – under your arms. That stubborn bit of fat referred to as bat wings can certainly be stubborn!

The best under-arm liposuction in the DMV is exactly what you need, and you’ll find it at Estar MedSpa & Innovative Health Center.

Let’s Take a Look at Tumescent Lipo! How Exactly Does It Work?

This innovative technique uses diluted anesthesia to firm fat so it can easily be removed with liposuction. This allows your sculpting expert to successfully smooth and contour the under-arm area.

The best under-arm liposuction in the DMV takes around one hour, and you’ll be able to normally use your arms within a few days. A noticeable improvement can be seen after about two months, with final results showing in six months.

Is Tumescent Liposuction Safe?

As long as only small amounts of fat are removed, it’s exceptionally safe. In fact, our experts consider this to be the safest way to remove unwanted under-arm fat.

Why Should I Choose Estar Medspa & Innovative Health Center for Under-Arm Lipo?

Our mission is to provide professional, high-quality care in a safe, comforting environment. As part of our mission, our team goes to great strides to ensure we are educated and trained in the latest techniques and technology. We guarantee your under-arm liposuction and any other cosmetic services you choose aree performed by medically-certified professionals using state-of-the-art equipment.

I’m Ready to Experience the Amazing Results That Only the Best Under-Arm Liposuction in DMV Will Provide! What Should I Do Next?

Schedule your consultation with Estar! We’re excited to share with you how tumescent liposuction will significantly improve your under-arm area. Contact us by calling 301-917-3870 today, and be sure you ask about our fantastic membership plans when you make that life-changing call!

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